Fate In Crisis

by Fate In Crisis

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released November 22, 2016



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Fate In Crisis Toronto, Ontario

Fate In Crisis is a metal/rock/punk band based in Toronto, ON. The musical project aims to blend equal parts melody, aggression, and technicality into high-energy songs.

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Track Name: Fate Torn Apart
Through this web of lies I can see our hearts
Wants and needs are not one and the same
Our greed can't contain our will to change

From our darkest days
To the light of day
One more chance to change
Our fates are not the same

Through this web of mine I can see your heart
Torn in two again reaching the end of this road
Nothing to show
Track Name: Upon A Withered Cross
No more time now to waste in this end of all days
One more step in your grave
I can see truth in the fires in the sky

This heart in me starts to beat to be free
It feels one more chance to see

Taken away, the soul of our creed
one more day
Track Name: Take Your Breath Away
One more time I tried to breath through this black rain
and it was all that I could do to try to change this life

One more time I tried to sort through the insane and I
realized there's no plan in this life

The words that you say just seem to take my breath away
The paths that we take don't leave our lives up to fate

The paths we take are ours to make
Burn through today

Up to fate, no time to waste
Up to fate, no time to waste
Track Name: Reverie of Flames
In the darkest of my dreams full of endless suffering
I'm breaking through the depths of my own insecurities

In the confines of my mind, in this lonely space and time
I'm waiting for the world to fall apart before my eyes

A little hit to calm your mind a little piece to calm your soul
One more day in here and I fear I could lose control

Set this nightmare to me that I couldn't just believe
I'm falling into this light we couldn't see
Burning right through my reverie, my dream
holding on to what I see

As the walls begin to fall on our grim reality
I'm holding back the lies I failed to heal while I was here
Track Name: City of Lies
I watch the days go by and I can't believe
Just how predictable my life can seem
This town is full of life and no one to say
There's nothing here and we've just got to get away

Today is the day we fight
Tomorrow our sun will shine again
Our past is what's left behind
Tomorrow our sun will shine again

So let there be a life with no good times
So let us live like we've been raised in lies
Keep all to ourselves and let boredom rise
This neighbourhood is where out thoughts still lie
These years have got us trapped and forced us to hide
From what we've feared and what we've left in pride
This town is full of life and mine's just passed me by
Track Name: The Tides Are Pulling Me Under
It's done slowly, this room is empty and full of regret
The paths we walked are too far out spread
But I'll wait here for you

The tides are pulling me under
It's tearing us apart

It's done slowly, our hearts grow empty
And filled with contempt
The paths we walked are full of dissent
Of what once was true

Save your lover's breath
The winds of past content
Save yourself as the waves pull you down
Track Name: A Demon Inside
One dream again ends in the way I felt before, flat on the floor.
One life to die, inside my head the thoughts run dry
My last suicide

(It's what's inside)
The demon inside hides from the light
And submerge the truth with lies
My eyes burn inside this shell of mine
It's the drug or suicide

No more lies
In time your life will pass you by
Track Name: Scars In Your Heart
In this night the scars are burning far too bright
that serves to be a reminder of what we've left behind

One day the scars in your heart could heal
And I will wait here alone
One day won't tear apart what remains
And I will wait here alone

In this night the stars are shining far too bright
that serves to ensure attention is drawn to our mistakes
Track Name: Skies Turn Black
Save all of your breath and watch as the skies turn black
again, the mirror reflects

The raw truth won't bend no matter how they try to twist
the hatred infects, open your mind

I'm starting to tell what's real
Staring outside I'm scared to death
Of what the world conceals
And how ours lives could change

This blind ignorance holding the rope around our neck
demanding respect, total control
Track Name: The Fire Will Set Us Free
As the leaves fall down on a broken heart
The paths we tried to take and our mistake

From the end to now I can't see your heart
And now I can't pretend that we're still the same
The derailed train, the end of age

The paintings clear for all to see
But the lines are up to me
The ash covers all that we see
And the fire will set us free